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Valentines and Giveaways

So, what ever became of the characters from Between the Lies… Cari and Tristan’s wedding is a week away! They’ll be married on February 22nd, which, of course, is the Stoneciphers’ and Stoddards’ 5th anniversary (who could deny Gemma her wish?). The bride and groom will be have the ceremony at St. Eustachius University in Seattle, with Jazmyn as maid […]

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Are lies ever acceptable? Are there certain lies that can never be forgiven? I taught a college writing course for freshmen a few years ago. It was an interesting course: every semester, two books on a random topic were selected and the students would write a series of papers, responding to prompts.  One semester, the […]

Perfect Men…Almost

I like my men almost perfect. I’m of course talking about the male protagonists in my stories. And why not? The fiction I write is almost real, why not its men almost perfect? And to me, almost perfect men know how to bring me to tears—in a good way. I write for the romantics in […]

Second Chances

“Just glad to have a second chance at all of it!” That’s what my friend, Scott, has posted on his Facebook page. It’s been there since he got married a few years ago to the girl next door—and I mean that literally. She was the girl next door. He’d been married for about ten years, had two children, and […]

Blind Dates

If you’ve never seen the 1987 movie Blind Date, starring Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, and John Larroquette, you should. Walter (Willis) and Nadia (Basinger) start their night innocently enough: attending a business dinner for his company at a nice restaurant. Walter’s been warned that Nadia goes “wild” when she drinks, but he pours her a […]

First Dates

I went on my last first date in January 1989, and I cried all the way home. Nine weeks later, we were engaged. I’ll back up to the “cried all the way home” part since I’m guessing that comes as odd in the grand scheme of a less-than-three-months’ timeframe. I was twenty-six when I met […]

Good Kissers and Bad Kissers

Some kisses are memorable because they made your knees go weak; others because you can’t believe you had to endure them. For me, the best kisser was the first guy I ever fell in love with (no offense to my husband since I think “first love” kisses often get a positively skewed rating). Best Kisser […]

First Kisses

First kisses fascinate me. I’ll admit up front that I’m a romantic. I cry at sappy movies and will reread sections of novels when the two favorite characters (because the author wrote them that way) finally kiss for the first time. I love flirty dialogue and all of those “almost” moments that keep me baited. […]