“The Bridge” exerpt

Enjoy this excerpt of my short story “The Bridge” included in the collection of short stories, “A Valentine Anthology,” published by Omnific Publishing.

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The chill in the air had a bite to it, and Kate closed her wool coat around herself more tightly. It was nearing half past two; she and Dylan used to always meet between two and three. A few people had walked past, bundled and shivering as the wind whipped across the bridge. It was a great place to get in a good walk. The sidewalk was wide enough for people to travel side by side, and on warmer days, she imagined plenty of mothers with strollers would get their exercise crossing the bridge from one town to the other and back.


She could have been one of those women had she chosen to marry Dylan. His love was that little bicycle shop he’d bought, and he was content with staying right where he’d grown up. Every time she’d thought about living in such a small town, knowing there was so much more out there to discover, she’d get frustrated. She’d had big wings she needed to test out; the small cage called Marietta would have stifled her, broken her spirit. Kate sighed as she gripped the railing. “No regrets,” she whispered. “You did what you had to, kiddo.”


But Dylan had never left her heart or her mind. She missed him terribly the first few months she’d lived in Chicago, nearly broke down and called him many times that first year. Being on her own had gotten easier, as work kept her busy and friends kept her entertained. Looking back now, though, she could clearly see the superficial life she’d been living. As much as she’d needed to experience the fast pace and high fashion of the marketing world, the small- town girl in her still longed for home. A week back in Marietta would do her good.

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  1. Scott bishop

    Sounds exciting! Now we need to see more…going home is never easy!

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