What sparks a writer to pen a novel? Many fiction authors draw from real life experiences, others from dreams or a wild imagination. For author Alison Oburia, it’s a bit of both.

Passion Fish began as a dream the author had back in 2006, but the story that was eventually published with co-author Jessica McQuinn is far different. Right around the same time as that very vivid dream, Alison got hooked on a YA novel by the name of Twilight (you may have heard of it?). From there, she discovered fanfiction — stories that use existing characters from published books in new situations. It was fascinating, reading about Bella, Edward, and the others outside of the world of vampires.

Alison decided to try her hand at writing fanfiction by taking the strange dream with the kissing game and recreating it with the Twilight characters. She penned a single chapter and sent it to another fanfiction writer (a woman living 2300 miles away in Utah) for her opinion before taking the plunge and {gasp} publishing it online. That other writer, Jessica McQuinn, liked it and asked, “So, what happens next?”

Alison had no answer, really. The dream she’d had involved a plane crash, a boat hijacking, a paternity case, and characters stranded in the Amazon Jungle. Alison wasn’t quite ready to get all of that written down. Jessica offered some ideas — really good ideas —  for a plot and the two decided to write the fanfiction story together. When the story was complete, the Passion Fish game and the dangerous ex were about the only things that remained; no planes, boats, paternity case, or Amazon Jungle (these “unused” parts of that dream will eventually become another story). Over the year or so that Passion Fish was online, it received just shy of 4000 reviews and multiple fanfiction awards. (A little interesting sidenote is that Alison and Jessica did not meet each other until after the story was complete.)

It was at about the ninth chapter that an editor from Canada, who had been reading the story as another Twilight fan, wrote a review that left both Alison and Jessica wide-eyed and excited: “What you’ve got here is more than a fanfiction. This is worth publishing.” 

By the time the story was complete, Alison and Jessica got an offer from Omnific Publishing, a small company focused on getting new authors published. Passion Fish was one of six debut novels by Omnific.

Both authors have since published their second novels; Jessica’s Indivisible is a story of love and misunderstanding between a Navy SEAL and his wife (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0AFvxujZaE)

Alison’s Between the Lies is a story of intrigue, romance, and danger that was inspired by real events of a man named Dmitry Vovk, a Ukranian accountant who had a way-too-close encounter with the mafia after discovering money missing from the company he worked for. Blending that with equally dangerous events experienced by Alison’s brother-in-law in Southeast Asia and placing much of the story in the very real Canyonville, Oregon, and the fictional story of accountant Tristan Saunders and doctoral student Cari Lopez was born.

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  1. I would love to subscribe to your blog so I can be updated on new releases. I just read about Passion Fish and am quite impressed. In an environment inundate with romance, romance and nothing but romance, I’m so glad you’ve combined a thriller with the romance in your new book. This makes it so much more appealing!

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