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Sometimes a dream is big and time is short. Alison Oburia was working on her PhD when the idea for her first novel, Passion Fish, came to her in a dream. Instead of finishing her dissertation, she turned all of her energy toward writing her first novel with co-author Jessica McQuinn. Her second effort, a short story called “The Bridge,” was published in a collection of short stories available in Omnific’s A Valentine Anthology. Now that the author bug has bitten, Alison spends nearly every night writing. Her next novel, a story of international intrigue, murder, and romance, is nearly complete, and following that is a planned trilogy about four people struck by tragedy all learning to live and love again.

Alison lives in Tampa with her husband and two teen-age sons.

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  1. Dena Holt

    Can’t wait to read “The Bridge” as enjoyed Passion Fish immensely. I would
    say that Alison is an up and coming author and already has a third novel
    in mind which I’ll be a buyer. Alison, keep them coming you certainly have
    the knack for writing.

    Your future will continue to be bright and a successful one. Dena

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