Valentines and Giveaways

So, what ever became of the characters from Between the Lies…

Cari and Tristan’s wedding is a week away! They’ll be married on February 22nd, which, of course, is the Stoneciphers’ and Stoddards’ 5th anniversary (who could deny Gemma her wish?). The bride and groom will be have the ceremony at St. Eustachius University in Seattle, with Jazmyn as maid of honor and Tristan’s best mate from London, Andrew, serving as best man. Andrew is single and just as wonderful as Tristan, and, yes, Jazmyn is swooning every time she hears his voice. They’ve got similar snarky personalities, so don’t be surprised if there’s another intercontinental wedding this time next year…

Ben is taking things slow, working part time with his father while majoring in Criminology at SEU. He’s done with romance…for a little while anyway…and he’s taken to walking his new puppy, a Golden Retriever named Gracie, at the local park near the campus. Ben’s not stupid; the college women come flocking to pet Gracie, and Ben’s been very friendly. When the time is right, though, when the time is right…

Nicky and Alexei, with Vasily’s help, have relocated to a small town north of Vancouver, Canada. With the adoption legalized, Alex (as he now wants to be called) has taken to calling Nick “Dad.” Vasily’s still connected enough to monitor their safety and, thus far, everything’s been peaceful. In fact, there’s a pretty teacher at Alex’s school who’s caught Nicky’s eye…

And as for Grigor? Well, when you read about a mysterious “accident” somewhere in the world that may or may not be mafia-related, you’ll have a pretty good idea as to who’s responsible…

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3 Responses to Valentines and Giveaways

  1. Jami burkhert

    Still waiting for my copy of this one, Alison! I think it’s cool that their wedding is in a few days.

  2. Oops! Definitely need to get on this, especially since Jaz is mentioned above as well. 🙂

  3. Mary Roya

    Happy Anniversary Omnific, congrats for three! I could use a new kindle as I lost mine can’t find it anywhere.

    Thanks for having this blog.

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