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Good Kissers and Bad Kissers

Some kisses are memorable because they made your knees go weak; others because you can’t believe you had to endure them. For me, the best kisser was the first guy I ever fell in love with (no offense to my husband since I think “first love” kisses often get a positively skewed rating). Best Kisser […]

First Kisses

First kisses fascinate me. I’ll admit up front that I’m a romantic. I cry at sappy movies and will reread sections of novels when the two favorite characters (because the author wrote them that way) finally kiss for the first time. I love flirty dialogue and all of those “almost” moments that keep me baited. […]

Welcome to my brand new web site!

This is my very first blog post—ever. While my author friends have been blogging for over a year, I’ve been avoiding it, thinking my cyber-plate was full with building my friends list on Facebook and occasionally posting on Twitter. Besides, my first web site was more a cure for insomnia than a home base for an up-and-coming […]